Easy Steps to make Suya at Home (Homemade Suya)

 Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

 Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

Suya is one of the most interesting and popular food in Nigeria. The beautiful taste it gives and how excited you feel when eating the tasty meat is a feeling that cannot be explained in words. I know I am not the only one that drools when I hear the word Suya. In this article, I will be taking you through some easy steps to make suya at home.
In Nigeria, Suya is mostly sold at the night and we do not understand why. Imagine craving this delicious meat in the afternoon and having to wait till the night before you can get a taste of it. The good news, you don’t have to wait anymore. You can make your own Suya at the convenience of your home. That way, you can eat Suya anytime you want and you are sure of the hygiene used when making it.

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

Suya, also known as spicy kebab is a type or way of cooking meat. Instead of frying the meat and cooking it in a pot of soup, you can explore another way and make it more interesting to eat. Suya exists in various ways. It can be made with chicken or beef. However, for this article, we will stick to the beef Suya which I hope you enjoy. You can also follow the steps I have compiled in this article if you will prefer to eat a chicken suya.
Ok, so let’s get right to Suya making. Make sure to follow the steps I will be giving you to get a good result.
The first thing about Suya making is the ingredients we will be using. Some suya ingredients are very important when making Suya so if you do not have them at home, you should get them from the market.
Let’s take a look at some ingredients you will be needing for your Suya below:

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

1: Suya spice :

This consists of a mixture of Kuli Kuli, grounded ginger, pepper flakes, stock cubes, and salt. The items listed will be mixed to form the Suya spice. The kuli Kuli will also be ground and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. You are to mix them all to give you a powder form.
If you do not want to go through the stress of mixing all these ingredients, you can buy a ready-made Suya spice from the market and you are good to go.

2: Groundnut oil:

It is not a must the Groundnut oil is much. You only need it to make sure the Suya doesn’t burn and the spice sticks to the Suya.
Easy Steps to make Suya at Home
3: Salt
4: Beef
5: Suya stick
6: Onion
7: Cucumber
8: Tomato
The last three ingredients I listed above are not that important if you are not able to get them. They are only there to compliment the taste of your Suya after you have finished cooking it.
So let’s get right down to Suya making.

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

1: Cut the Beef into small sizes:

The first step in Suya making is for you to cut the beef into small sizes. The sizes would depend on how big you want it to be. However the smaller they are, the easier they will be to cook.


Easy Steps to make Suya at Home

2: Soak the Suya stick:

A secret ingredient I will give you when making your Suya is for you to soak your Suya stick for about two hours. This will prevent it from getting bun when making your Suya. You can do this before like two hours before you start making your Suya avoid it delaying you unnecessarily.

3: Thread your beef:

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home


After soaking your Suya stick and cutting your beef into small size, the next thing is for you to thread the beef into the Suya stick. This will involve you arranging like 6-7 pieces of meat onto a stick depending on how long your stick is.




4: Add your Groundnut oil:

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home
After threading your Suya onto the stick, take an empty bowl and pour a little bit of Groundnut oil. Add a pinch of salt and stir well. This step will help the spice to stick well to the beef.

5: Add Suya spice:

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home
After completing the step above, the next thing is for you to add the Suya to your beef. When doing this, you have to make sure the spice surrounds the beef. So a solution I would give you is to pour the Suya spice into a flat tray. After that day, each Suya sticks inside and makes sure the spice covers the meat well.


6: Marinate:

This step is very important to allow the beef to absorb the spice. You can leave for about an hour to marinate. You can also put it in the fridge if you want. This can help to marinate your beef.

7: Arrange into the oven:

After marinating, put foil paper on the oven racks and arrange your beef carefully on it. The setting of the oven should be about 150°c to 300°c.

8: Roast your beef:

After about 15-20 minutes of roasting, flip the beef to the other side and roast it again. This is important to make sure all the parts of the Suya are fried. The amount of time your Suya will spend in the oven will depend on how thick the beef is. The total amount of roasting shouldn’t exceed 40 minutes to keep your Suya eatable.


Easy Steps to make Suya at Home
And you are done making your Suya.

Easy Steps to make Suya at Home


After completing all the above steps, you can now cut your cucumber, onion, and tomato into small sizes and accompany it when eating your Suya. This will help to make it taste sweeter. You can complete this food by buying a cold drink or taking a Cold Garri with sugar. Drinking Garri together with the Suya is one of the ways we love to enjoy Suya in Nigeria.
Hope, you this article found this useful?
Make your Suya and enjoy it at the comfort of your home.
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