How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022? This is 2022 and it is almost over. But for the record purposes, we are going to be discussing the amount LPG gas is sold or was sold in year 2022. In the future, people will make research to find out the cost of certain products or services. If no one keeps such record, history will not be complete. So, how much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

We are going to start by defining what we mean be LPG gas. Is it different from other type of gas or the gas we use to know. At the end, we are also going to list the amount LPG gas was sold in the 12 months of 2022.

LPG gas otherwise referred to as liquefied petroleum gas is a type of gas containing both liquid and gas. The use of this type of gas began in 1860 and ever since its consumption has increased over time. In this article, we will be taking a look at how much is LPG gas in Nigeria?

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?


Technology has made a lot of things easier and faster. When it comes to cooking, you do not necessarily need to depend on firewood or charcoal before you can cook. Cooking gas is an invention we are grateful for and it also helps to reduce the earth’s population. The use of cooking gas is considered a safer means of cooking than the traditional means of using firewood or charcoal.

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

The LPG gas is recovered from wet natural gas by absorption. The gas is then diluted to remove the lighter fraction after which carbon dioxide, water, and hydrogen sulfide are removed. The LPG gas is also referred to as cooking gas or autogas depending on the type of LPG being used.

LPG gas is used in some cases as an engine fuel and also for backup generators. They are also commonly used for barbecue grills and gas cookers and ovens. LPG gas is colorless and highly efficient gas fuel to use at home. How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

LPG gas which is a fossil fuel comes from oil and gas wells. This type of gas is stored in the cylinder as a liquid form. However, when pressure is applied, it turns into a gaseous state which is used for cooking and to serve other purposes related to it. LPG gases can all be compressed into liquid at relatively low pressures.

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?


Nowadays the price of cooking gas is on the high and a lot of people are at a loss of words over the increase. Although it’s attributed to issues like a global shortfall in gas supply, inadequate local production, shortage of FOREX, devaluation of the naira, and logistic hitches, the price increase is quite difficult for a lot to cope with.

However, Cooking gas is very important in households due to the comfortability and the ease that comes with using it. How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

The price of LPG gas currently can be seen to have doubled how much it was previously worth two years ago. The price of LPG gas ranges according to the size of the cylinder. Let’s take a look at some of the common cylinder sizes and their prices below: how much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

1kg- ₦700

2kg- ₦1400

3kg- ₦2100

5kg- ₦3500

6kg- ₦4200

10kg- ₦7000

12kg- ₦8400

12.5kg- ₦8850

50kg- ₦35000

The prices above are subject to changes depending on your area and future increase in price. However, it is just to give you an idea of how much LPG gas cost today. How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

The LPG gas can be classified into different forms. These forms include Butane, propane, and BioLPG. These forms serve different purposes but they are all classified under the LPG gas. They sometimes serve the same purpose and it is quite difficult for a lot to differentiate. So if you are interested in an LPG gas, the purpose you intend to use it for will determine the type of LPG you will get. In some countries, only propane LPG gas is available. 

How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

Butane is a form of LPG gas that is perfect for fuelling indoor portable heaters, single-burner cooking appliances and is also in some cases used as refrigeration fuel. This type of LPG is popular in countries with an enormous amount of cold and each household needs heaters to survive. However, in a country like Nigeria, Propane LPG is common for its use as cooking gas.

Propane on the other hand is used for BBQs, off-grid domestic LPG central heating, LPG gas cookers, and some other residential and commercial applications. Propane has a boiling temperature of -42°C, whilst butane has a higher boiling point at -2°C. Also compared to Propane, Butane produces more energy.

When considering the form of LPG gas suitable for commercial use, Propane is more recommended. Even though Butane produces more energy than Propane, Propane is the favored choice for commercial use. This is also highly recommended to be used for tools like operating tools and ovens. It’s also well suited for providing heat and cooking fuel.


Summary on How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

LPG gas is stored in a gas cylinder and it is recommended you place this cylinder outside your house. However, in a situation where it is impossible to be placed outside the house probably due to fear of theft or your environmental area, you can find a safe place to keep it inside your house.

Also, make sure to close the gas after usage to prevent any accident from occurring. How much is LPG gas in Nigeria in 2022?

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