The Reward of a Disobedient Child – Real Life Story (Part 2)

Disobedient Child

The Disobedient Child – Real Life Story (Part 2)

On the 31st of December on the twentieth day of the twentieth century, there was a solar eclipse in our country. It was the last day of the new year. The boys organized a small party called ‘Merchant Night’. This event is not bad. Heaven ruled over the city and the kings and for the congregation. They supported it. So rich kids came back for Christmas and New Year celebrations to join them. All went well until a young Jamaican man came into the program. His teammates began to hype his name. They raised his hand and hailed him as the police chief.

“Son of Jama! One Jamaica! Daddy is great! Jamaican water king! ” The young men of his team praised him so much that they followed him.
“Brother, I have a tantrum. Udo pasa. I have water in my pocket. I was sent to Jamaica. Jamaica responded by dancing madly. The music he played did not fall into the category of music playing in the program.

Other young men came out shaking hands with him when they heard his voice.
“Son of Jama, how come? How did Omerigbo kill the tiger? ” One young man finally came and asked, using his fingers as if he were a smoker.

“Brother Pasa, take the cotton wool!” Udo pasa. I have a brother. I have food, I have Jamaican water. I ate Sapele. Whoever wants to, let him eat, and let him eat. ” Jamaica responded to the young man. She pointed it at the others’ bags of weed packs she was carrying.

When his teammates saw him, they started to shout. The Jamaican show gave them a great deal of joy and they began to sing my song;
“Who is the king? Jamaica is king.
Who is the king? Jamaica is a king
Tell me who is a king. Jamaica is king. ”

 They sing and clap. As they read this song they attract the attention of others on the other side. The people do not know what is going on. Jamaica appeared in a generation, pulling out a package of marijuana in his pocket. He told them that he meant the food of the fathers. He also told them that it was not their custom to eat all the time.

“Udoo! Peace be with you. Peace forever. We went to Sapele and returned. The Jamaican water came in. We observe the Memorial of Jesus’ death on the cross. It already has! He has a brother! ”

Jamaica set fire to a large package of marijuana and began to burn it alive. Suddenly, his teammates saw him and surrounded him. They washed his hands and asked him to give them to him.

 “Udoo Udoo It will reach everyone. Stand in the cave. ” Jamaica answered the group and others who came to receive the sape. When he wanted to give them the smoke, he instructed them individually to ask for it. It can smoke weed very quickly.
“One Jama! ‘
‘Bishop of Jamaica!’
‘Mpa o!’
“Son, peace be upon you.”
“He who says, ‘I am sorry,’
 The youths began naming Jamaica one by one after receiving their own weed bark.


The Jamaican gave the marijuana to anyone who wanted it. He gave them a package of one package. They began to smoke violently.


Soon, the news spread. A young man returning from a university in Ghana ran away after having lost half of his joy. He fled into the flames of a fiery furnace. He screams and says; “Come on in, take a look!”

He waits for everyone to get into the fire. The fires lit by the enemy were in the room of the young man inviting his teammates into. Some fathers and bearers have realized that the Sapele food began to work on the boy’s head. It has touched her nerves. They grabbed him, stripped him of his clothes, and tied him with his arms and legs. He sat down in the pool of dirty water.

They are said to be using one, two people to take off their shirts and trousers, and begin to cover their stomachs in the midst of hostility. They are overjoyed and shout,

“We are swimming. Come on in, take a look! ” The two young men were moving around in the midst of the enemy. They make swimmers.
More than seven other young men who had taken up sape marijuana took off their clothes. Not only did they take off their shirts, they also took off their shoes and went naked. They are beating their masculinity in the midst of enmity. They run around reading; “We take a shower. It’s raining! Jamaica, we take a shower. It’s raining! ”

Everyone at the event was horrified. Now everyone in the program knows what’s going on. Their attention was aroused by the strange and embarrassing behavior of the young men. Jamaica ran away, fleeing when he saw something he did not expect. His other allies followed him and fled. They know he is the one who lost the result. Morning is the first day of the new year, the locals are happy and the people of Mbanato are in mourning. Some mothers brag that they have lost a baby. Some even complain that they do not tell anyone because of what they saw in their son that morning. Perfect mists at night are now mundane mists in the morning. 

The city is in turmoil. He who weeps goes to his brother. Okeke and Okeou are worried, especially those who have lost their children. Twenty minutes later, at ten o’clock, Ogene and Ekwe (local musical instrument) Mbanato began to spread. The place was as quiet as cotton at night.

 “Komkom, komkom, kamkpokpoka, kpokpoka, kpokpoka! The public is listening! A am bikoo! good morning hear it. Happy New Year… ”

“ Happy New Year? My mother asked my father but my father yelled at him and the dog’s mother told him to shut up so they could hear what the dog was saying.  “Listen to the most important announcement! Igwe said, “I want to send anyone whose child has been drinking Sapele marijuana on a night called Jamaica, to come out of the village to get medicine.” Komkom! Kpomkpom! He heard it! ” 

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Criticism began to weaken. Some do not know what is going to happen as this announcement is put in a big mess. Many mothers struggle to get to their maternal grandparents without knowing how to get back. 
They were shocked to hear the message. They knew where the water came from in the gutter. They have come to realize that their children are suffering because of what they have done.

What puzzled most people was how loud their machine heard what happened at night. He tried to get the men to give him medicine that morning.
Arriving at the Sapele venue, the young man was first spotted in the fire and said he was the eldest son of Igwe, a university student in Ghana. Her name was Lotanna. He is the son of Igwe. He sat staring blankly like a thief. He and his teammates twisted the skeletal muscle to tell lies. Their story is falling apart. One of the young men sighed and told his weeping sister to shut up while they were in the church. He pointed to one of the doctors there and said that the pastor had come to give them a new year.

Some angry mobs slept with the young men screaming and screaming when they made a loud noise. One of the guests invited by Igwe appeared to describe himself as a psychiatrist. He and his colleagues described the situation of the young men in a small crowd. English out of their mouths sounds sim and zim. No one understood what they said. One of the common sentences is that they say they have a drug that will inject the teens that will make their heads stick together as they were soon.

The Igbo people say that everything that happens in the nose is deep. Anything that affects the nerves is affected worse. The young men were given medicine. They are cold. They returned to their parents’ home. 

However, if a person is completely cured, he or she will not be able to heal immediately. The young men were moving, but their hair was always shiny and wavy. A Ghanaian university graduate has not been able to complete his schooling. The waitresses did not go again because their boss did not allow them to be accepted. 

Some apprentices who were favored by their accepted boss eventually became disillusioned with their opening of the market.
Jamaica drinkers have become major backwater swallowers. Sapele food was choked and he refused to go down. The smoke engulfed more than ten young men. And they have become useless till date.

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