Amazing Styles of the Western Suit

Amazing Styles of the Western Suit

Amazing Styles of the Western Suit

Hello, lovelies. Today we are going to be writing about a dress which is very common in our society today. The dress is worn on a daily basis by us and people around us for both official and unofficial gatherings and meetings. So today, we would be looking at the history and origin of this amazing dress, its styles, and occasions it can be worn to. So sit back and enjoy the article.

In our world today, the Foreign or Western Suit has been such a huge part of our society and the amazing is been rocked by both males and females on daily basis.
The Western suit can be seen every day in our churches, offices, schools and a lot of other places.

The dress can also be seen in different white wedding ceremonies as the amazing and beautiful dress seems to be the only option of clothes that a groom can wear on his wedding day.

History and Origin of the Western or Foreign Suit

The Western suit which has now become a formal dress for men has not exist hundreds of years ago. 
History has it that at the beginning of the 19th century in England, people wore coats with long tails, knee breeches, silk stockings, and powdered wigs. This was the common attire of a lot of people before a man known as Beau Brummel came and revolutionized the fashion industry globally.

Beau Brummel, in the early 19th century, changed the dressing style of the British court thus leading men all across Europe to wear perfectly cut, tailored clothes, with carefully knotted neckties.

However, paintings of Frenchmen from the 1700s, show that Beau Brummel could only have modified and popularized the post-revolutionary suit of the French which comprises of double-breasted waistcoat, tailcoat, and full-length trousers or pants with regular size shoes or boots.
Many other drawings of popular artists show us that the dress has been worn in Holland or even the whole of Western Europe sometime before. 

Types and Styles of Western Suit

Over the years, the Western or Foreign suit has grown from being sown in just one style (Beau Brummel’s initial suit style) to being sown in different innovative and creative patterns and styles. 
As a result of hard-working tailors and fashion designers, Beau Brummel’s innovation has taken over the male fashion industry globally, and it has been re-created in a lot of different styles and patterns by innovative and creative fashion designers.
As a result, there are a lot of different styles, patterns, and designs of the male Western suit. Out of the unending list of styles and designs of the amazingly beautiful dress, we bring you some of the most popular ones.

The Different Styles Available Includes:

The Classical British Pick: This popular and beautiful suit was worn so much by Prince Charles that it became a part of his identity.

The All American Pick: This beautiful suit was designed with all the characteristics and features of a traditional sack suit in America. It comprises of lightly sown, classic notch lapels that was sown with one of the best and finest Italian fabrics that can be purchased.

The Travel Friendly Pick: Do you need a suit that can stand the numerous rigors of intercontinental travel? the Travel-Friendly pick is the perfect suit for you to rock.

The Groom Upstaging Pick: This amazing Western suit, when worn to a wedding by an invitee or anyone else, can make a groom regret his decision on the style and type of suit he wants to rock. 

The Year Round Pick: This dress would always make its wearer feel comfortable and okay (stylistically at least) in any occasion and location it is worn.

The #Menswear Pick: This amazing suit can seem perfect for any groom to rock on his wedding day. Its beauty is capable of making a groom to turn it into a daily wear.

Occasions that the Western Suit can be worn to
The Foreign or Western Suit can be worn to a lot of occasions. It can be worn both to official and unofficial gatherings as there are little or even no restriction of places that the amazing suit can be worn to. 

Some of the occasions that the Western suit can be worn to include:

Offices: The Western suits can be worn to different offices and work places on daily basis. It can be worn to offices as a banker, Lawyer, ETC. 

Religious Gatherings: The amazing and beautiful dress can be worn to churches as a pastor or even as part of the congregation. The amazing and beautiful dress can be worn to other religious gatherings besides attending church services.

Wedding and Marriage Ceremonies: No sane groom can be seen rocking a polo shirt and a pair of pants on his wedding day as the Western suit has taken over and become the official dress for Grooms to wear on their wedding day. The Western suit can also be worn by people who are attending a marriage ceremony as it must not only be worn by the groom on that day.

Parties: The amazing dress can also be rocked to parties and still look good.

For travels: The dress can be worn for both intercontinental and travels within a continent. It is one of the most preferable option of clothes for men who are taking on long distant travels to countries and lands of unknown traditions. This is because the Western suit is worn by almost everyone irrespective of traditions and cultures.

Advantages of the Western Suit over Traditional Wears
The Western Suits has some advantages over some traditional wears.

 Some of these advantages include:

The social recognition of the suit: The suit is recognized as a formal wear and therefore can be worn to any business or official meeting and to other places.

Its popularity: The suit can be worn almost anywhere globally because it is recognized globally. Unlike traditional suits which cannot be worn to lands which have a conflicting dressing culture (that is, a land which does not accept that traditional wear).

Disadvantages of the Western Suit over Traditional Wears
Just like the common saying, ‘anything that has advantages also has disadvantages’ the Western suit also has some disadvantages over traditional suits and dresses.

These disadvantages include:

Cost: The Western suit is costly when compared to most traditional and local suits. The prices of the Western suits seem so high and unaffordable for some local people.

Strength and Durability of the fabric: Most local fabrics are very strong and durable unlike a lot of Foreign Suits which cannot easily withstand adverse and unfavorable conditions.

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