Mmasi the Disobedient Child – Real Life Story

Disobedient Child

The Story of a Disobedient Child Part 1

 Read the touching story of a young girl whose name is Mmasi how she wasted her life and destiny because of drug abuse. If you are into any illegal substance or you know any whose life is controlled by a hard drug, recommend this story for him or her.

Mmasị is the name of a daughter of a certain popular wealthy businessman in Igboland. He was among the millionaires called in the music by one popular highlife musician in the 90s. His name is Chief Lawrence Ude aka Ichie Law or Chief Loo.
Ichie Laurence’s house was the last place I was taken to live as a houseboy. I did not come here to learn how to trade or take care of Interest. Interest is no longer such children. Ichie Llo is married to a fourth wife and has three twin sons. The three twins were less than a year old when I was brought home. Thirteen years have passed since my arrival. His words no longer speak to me. He does not listen to the advice of his stepmother, let alone a maid like me. What I’m always interested in is her flirtatious behavior. He cut all his clothes with a razor. He also manages

the hem of his robe was made of cloth, like the hem of a robe. What she did not want to do was to wear a tight-fitting dress because it was as big as a back strap. I am 21 years old but I love being a child. Each time he insulted me I put him in a ‘simal lokal boi’ in English which means ‘the village boy smells’. This is the most frustrating part of my life. But nothing went wrong. Well, I believe so. I am a local young man who smells. It is money that is to blame. It was his father’s money he was talking about, not Interest.

It was because of the amount of money Father’s interest had and the length of his legs that the Government made me respect myself in his home. Aside from that, I was fascinated by how a gun carries a chicken and makes it a chicken doll. But the one who does not know who he is is a fool. In fact, Ichie Lolu is a big-gun shooter. Everyone who grew up in his house carried the man. He carried the man, the villagers yelled, he took them all, and no one would ask him any questions. This is how I advised myself. I was a gunman but I was a dove in the house of Chief Laurence Ude.
     Desire is 14 years old but he smokes Cigarettes, he drinks hot alcohol. These things are in his pocket. She has a one-room apartment. Their only duty is to keep a clean room inside and his room will be remodeled when he needs it. Interest is an educated and intelligent person through speech. But, as the days go by, his intelligence declines. It is like a fire that is extinguished. He started behaving like a loser. He stopped bathing. It also does not allow the wearer to touch it again.

Lauren’s master is the entrance to the cool house. But the nursing baby realizes that Ichie Lo is back and sits quietly. Everyone had great fear and respect for him. The first was that his car broke down, and everyone who came out of the big house we lived in stood as soldiers, both Okeke and Okeofo. Thankfully it would be raining as soon as he landed on his truck.
” Daddy, good night. ”
” Good husband.         

    Every day is said to be the day of the thief, one day belongs to the owner. That day was definitely the day of the full glass of Interest. Everyone in the room hurried downstairs to greet him. I was led by three twins. Ichie Lol made his face as if he did not see us when he did not see his wife in Interest. “Where is your Madam? What is interest? ” The boss asked me out loud.

 The scorching heat of our master made my throat tighten. I have not uttered a single word in response to this overwhelming question. ‘Nnemukwu, sales. Interest, high ‘. I could hear my voice ringing like a child learning to speak. “He ran and told Interest that I had climbed up on both legs and that he would see the spirits. Say you like me and I will go up and he will see how I am ”.

    I did not expect our boss to utter a word. I hurried to the lobby to share my Father’s message. My feet were on the side of the road in the room of interest, and I could hear the voice of interest wailing. It was then that I realized he was awake. As soon as I knocked on the door, Interest raised its voice to the ground.

“Tell Elder Lolo that he is a dead body! Tell him it’s an owl! It was a corpse on the floor. Odiraa, taa dia! Open the door dia! Good morning brother! Laurels, how much did you earn? Who knows you in an African magic movie! Have you ever heard of Jamaica?…! ” A voice called out from the doorway to tell Daddy that his Father was on the floor calling him. “Today! Odiraachukwu, run away! Tell him I told him to eat poison. Break the door, bro! I live in Jamaica… 

  Of course, being a corpse. You and your master Ichie are corpses in the morgue ”. All words of interest are like the words of a murderer. That is the word smoke. He smokes and says I’m playing plastic “.

I don’t know if it was all the insults that Chief Lóro heard. he did not tolerate it. He did not believe what he heard. The carpenters accompanying our trainer followed him to the door of the Loving House. They knocked on his door once, and the door slammed shut. The various energy drinks I saw extracted in this little girl’s living room are not to be listed here.
Our Master was very upset at the way his daughter was living. He has a good plan ‘for his daughter, sending him to a cotton country to study human health. But now he sees that there is no fruit in the vine that he is sowing. Interest has become bullshit. Not only this, with the help of the dewdrops it has spread. He angrily ordered the carpenters to bind him on both his hands and his feet.

Interest is reserved for the naked eye. A young man guarded him day and night. Whenever she wanted to go to the toilet or urinate, she would untie her legs and tie them up afterward

Two days later, Mmasi started asking for a cigarette to smoke. She scratched all over her body. She also twists her neck as she tried to speak. She had lost appetite for any food.
She asks us for any medicine he finds. When I give the twins a cough medicine, she cries and asks me to give her a drink.

After three days, the interest started to drive her crazy. She has worked hard to clean her face and body. She no longer tells anyone when she wants to go to the toilet or urinate. He tied them up in the same place and tied them whenever he wanted.

Ichie Ló pays special attention to the mentally ill. They come to the house and give Medicine the same medicine. He became very cold. He sat quietly like a man pouring cold water on his head. They ordered him to be bound and taken to the bathroom.
Everyone in the room was so impressed that he went to the bathroom, picked up his briefcase, and ran away. 

It is wanted everywhere but nowhere. Two years later, we never saw or heard anything about our Master’s son. One day three years later, Chief Laurence Ude received a message from a group that brings together orphans and homeless children. They said in their message that they had important information to share with him about his missing daughter. They told him they would not send the message over the phone and that it would be better in the future.

Our boss supported him and his bodyguards to get there. They found the company from which he was sent. It is written that there was a metal tower in front of the building next to the church. “Very powerful is our Holy Mother (homes without parents and the world’s poor).”

A woman in a white robe welcomed our boss and his sculptors. The woman wasted no time. He told Ichie that a girl named Mmaschukwu was in their family. “Her baby is six months old. This is not a problem for us. Which is the issue they fall seriously ill all the time. They also eat a lot of fat despite the fact that we take good care of them. We led them to the hospital for the test. Diabetes has been found to be the cause of white fever. She also asserted that her baby had been infected with the H5N1 virus. The CEO’s wife finished her speech, staring at Ichie with a smirk.

Ichie told him to make sure he saw Interest with his own eyes. He twisted the moment he was shown the son of Interest. He allowed the group to take things in his car with his bodyguards. And he fled. No more feet were found.

The charities later sent Ichie a second message six months later. They said in their message that the Baby of Love had died in the last four months. They said they buried him in a cemetery called Cemetery. But now, they say, has lost interest in him, they are calling for him to ask what will happen to his body.

Our boss hated them so much. He told them that he was very sick and that he had gone to the city to be treated. He arranged for them to make Love’s body as they made for his son. He asked them to send him the mark and the name of their company. Ichie Lò donated a large sum of money to support them for their charitable work in the community. This is how Love lost his life in rumors about drinks and paintings. That’s how this little girl lost her precious life over dangerous drugs. Smoking is bad and evil.

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